Photos from Gen Con 2009

As Promised, I have posted several of the photos that my wife and I took at Gen Con 2009.  See if you catch a movie homage in the captions. 🙂

The "good guys".
The Good
Obi-Wan Kenobi and Qui-Gon Jinn time time out of their busy schedule of Sith slaying for a photo-op. The blur around their hands due to me not holding the camera steady actually makes it look like they are using the force.

The Bad
The Bad
Fortunately, the predator didn’t consider me a threat and kept on walking.

The Klingon
The Klingon
Call me a coward, but I just don’t have the dice to call a Klingon ugly.

The Winner
Stupid Ranger
The Stupid Ranger of Stupid Ranger dressed as Trillian and posing with her prize for winning the congeniality award in the "Queen of Geeks" contest. Unfortunately, this photo is kind of blurry as well, maybe I need to lay-off of the caffeine.

The Blogger
The Blogger
Me being dwarfed by a Serra Angel. With all of the Klingons and Predators wandering around, I decided to enlist a bodyguard.

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