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Using Sound Effects in Role-Playing

With the increasing role of computers in table-top role-playing, I am surprised that the use of sound effects are not more common. This would be an easy atmosphere builder to add to a campaign that could greatly increase the immersion into the story.

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Role-playing horror movie monsters

If you are like me, you love horror movies and role-playing. Wouldn’t it be great to incorporate some of your favorite monsters into Dungeons & Dragons? Well, fortunately, I have given this idea way too much thought so you don’t have to.

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Review of R. A. Salvatore’s “The Ghost King”

Recently I had the good fortune to receive two “Advanced Readers Copies” of soon to be released Dungeons & Dragons novels by R. A. Salvatore for review. I gave one to my wife to read, so there may be a guest (or another full-time) writer on the blog soon as she tore through her book. I, on the other hand, read a bit slower and am just finally finishing “The Ghost King”.

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I miss single-player role-playing

No, I don’t mean the old "Gold Box Games", though now that you mention it, I miss those too. I am talking about the old 1st Edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons single player modules. These modules were designed in such a way as to only need 1 person in attendance; that person was the Dungeon Master and the only adventurer.

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