Month: December 2009

I’m not sure about you, but I have never given much thought as to how Players and NPCs might react to the new year in their culture. Many traditions in our own world have vastly different views about the new year and, this gives many options for fantasy settings.

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Christmas is almost upon us again! I realize that there are only going to be a few groups playing over the holiday as many people take off to visit family, but I’m a nice guy and don’t mind catering to a handful of people. So, in the interest of keeping your players on their toes this season, I have put together several demented Christmas plot ideas.

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As you may have noticed from some of my other posts – especially my Halloween post – that I am a fan of horror. This interest extends into role-playing for me and I am always looking for new and unique story ideas for my campaigns. I just found a unintentionally great site for helping develop horror plot hooks.

Dungeon Mastering table-top

I recently purchased the 4th edition version of “The Manual of the Planes”. Playing in bizarre areas has always appealed to me (I really liked Planescape from AD&D 2nd Edition) and I wanted to see what changes were made since 3rd Edition.

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