Month: April 2010

When the Eberron campaign setting came out in 3rd edition, I had dismissed it as uninteresting. Also, as I already had purchased the materials for 5 other published campaigns, I did not want to invest money in yet another one. However, I had started playing Dungeons & Dragons Online recently – which as you may know is set in Eberron – and it intrigued me enough to purchase the Eberron Campaign Guide and the Eberron Player’s Guide.

4E D&D Dungeons & Dragons table-top

I have just been informed that starting in August, IDW will be publishing Dungeons & Dragons comics beginning with the core world and branching on to Dark Sun and Forgotten Realms comics shortly thereafter. These series will be periodically collected into graphic novel compilations, so those who wish to read each story as soon as it comes out as well as those that prefer to read a collection in back-to-back should be pleased.


As I sit here pondering how the exceedingly high pollen count aggravated my asthma and allergies leading to a sinus infection that has now resulted in pneumonia, I can only help but wonder why mundane diseases and allergic reactions seldom – if ever – figure into role playing games.

4E D&D Dungeon Mastering table-top