GenCon Bingo Day 1

Hello!! The weather was very mild here in Indianapolis on this fine Thursday at GenCon. We had a lot of fun figuring out the new exhibit hall and big gaming hall. We swung by the Anime Hallway in the Westin and True Dungeon’s HQ at the Marriott. Here are some of the things we saw today…Are any of them things you are looking for to complete your bingo card? (click here if you need a card)

Every GenCon adventure begins with a trip to registration to collect badge and bag o' goodies
Here I am offering to be Drizzt's Meow Mix. There are several big set pieces this year, so more pictures to come.
This knight is a veteran of Nero Live Action Role Playing
Each year skilled card folding architects build towers that reach far into the sky...or at least farther than I do
Only part the fun of GenCon are the sponsored events. These gamers are taking part in a hallway game of Battlestar Galactica
Each year the RAM brewery celebrates GenCon with a decorated dining room and renamed menu items. Gamers celebrate by queueing right out the door and down the block
This Cosplayer knows the fun of anime maids shouldn't be hogged by the ladies.

The end, for today anyway. Check back for Friday’s installation.

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