GenCon Day 3 part 2

OK…we’re in the midst of trying to check out of the hotel before heading back for one final day at the convention, but wanted to get you the last of the Saturday pictures.

In the light of our failure to find large groups of cosplay types, I’m knocking the requirement in each case down to 1 (that is 1 ninja, 1 zombie, etc).

Palette swap ninja Subzero and Scorpion from Mortal Kombat pose for photos outside of Steak n Shake.
Down to the shiny glass ball, this cosplayer succeeds as Labyrinth's Goblin King
3 fully equipped ghostbusters keep the convention center free from ghostly harm
Often people will pair up their costumes. Here two attendees portray weapon meister and weapon Crona and Ragnarok from the anime Soul Eater
This is the droid he was looking for. A stormtrooper with matching remote control R2 unit held court in a quiet hallway

OK, so there’s one more day, so there may be a few more pictures. Standby and be ready to score up your card soon.

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