Games by Gamers Lotus Dice Bag Review

Lotus dice bag has been drinking all of my cider.

About a half year ago, I purchased a Lotus dice bag from Games by Gamers since my old dice bag no longer closed well and did not hold all of my dice. I have refrained from writing a review until now since I have had many dice bags that looked sturdy but wore out after a short period of time, and I wanted to ensure that the quality of this bag lived up to its reputation.

Lotus dice bag has stolen all of my dice.

My Lotus dice bag is still as good as new after 6 months of abuse (i.e. being stuck in the bottom of gaming bags, wedged under computer equipment on my desk, etc.). In fact, it still stays closed so well that I can turn it upside down without worrying about my dice falling out.

The wide mouth of the bag means that I can find the exact d20 that I am looking for without dumping all of my dice onto the table. This keeps my area of the table cleaner and ensures that I do not lose dice on the floor. Speaking of losing your dice on the floor, the flat bottom prevents the Lotus from tipping over. Also, the wide variety of sizes ensures that even obsessive dice collectors should find a product to fit their dice collection as well as allow them to expand (click the images for a better view).

The bag, with its petals slipping over the sides, are also an aesthetically pleasing work of art. Many times, I have seen gamers go with function over form to get a sturdy, but ugly (or is that butt-ugly?), bag. Others have purchased decorative bags that were never meant to be used. I ask, why choose when Games by Gamers provides both?

Lotus dice bag upside down has been shaken not stirred.

While the Lotus dice bags are more expensive than many other bags, I would strongly recommend this product. Over the long run the cost is much lower than buying a new bag every year when you’ve out grown your old one or the stiches fall out and the draw-strings break.


  1. Just wanted to thank you for the review of my dice bags. Also to let your readers know a couple of things.
    1. The bags are washable in the washer on warm water, gentle and dry in the drier on low. (Please do not wash them with the dice in them)
    2. We guarantee our bags. If stitching comes out we will repair the bag. If cords break for any reason we will replace the cords.

    Also you might like to know we have added a new basic size Lotus and new map and play mat bags. Come take a look!

    June 11, 2012
    • cball said:

      Thank you for the additional information. I was not aware that the bag was machine-washable!

      June 11, 2012

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