Costumes from GenCon 2017

I didn’t get quite as many photos of cosplayers this year as I do most years. However, I was in a good spot to record the entire parade to make up for it.

Bob Ross may be dead, but the spokesperson for Bob Ross: The Art of Chill proves that he was in GenCon in spirit.
It looks like the Millennium Falcon has been captured again.
And not they’ve captured R2 as well. What sad times it is for the rebellion.
Speaking of captured, it looks like Carmen Sandiego was finally apprehended.
Batman looks like he’s ready to scale a wall. Get it, scale? Okay, I’m no Joker, I guess.
Look! It’s Mary Poppins, ya’ll!
The cuccos decided it was payback time for Link.
Meanwhile, Wario is making his getaway during the commotion.

You can watch the parade here.

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