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True 20 Revised Edition: A Review

The Revised Edition of True 20 by Green Ronin is a simple, yet very extensive gaming manual. The contents cover every setting imaginable and allows for a great deal of customization.

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Into the Green: a Review

Earlier this month, I reviewed "Into the Black" by Bastion Press. I also was fortunate enough to pick up "Into the Green" at an extremely discounted price while at Gen Con and am finally getting a chance to really go through it. Continue reading ‘Into the Green: a Review’ »

What is Your Favorite RPG and Why?

Recently I asked the titular question on Twitter and Facebook. Everyone must be too busy playing RPGs to reply as I have only received three responses and one of them was in regards to rocket propelled grenades; I guess I should have been more specific.

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Preparation for Running Directors Cut: Survival Horror

I am in the process of writing a script (for the setting, the actors will be doing improv) in preparation for my first run of Directors Cut: Survival Horror. My wife has just finished with her residency at a hospital in another city, so that gives me a couple of weeks to work on the script while she unpacks and gets settled back in.

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First Impressions of Directors Cut: Survival Horror

While at Gen Con last week, I was privileged to attend a presentation on an RPG called "Directors Cut: Survival Horror" hosted by its creators Amy and David Claxton. The developers intend on releasing other genres, which is why the name has a sub-title; so, if horror isn’t your thing, keep an eye open for other offerings. Directors Cut has a novel concept, and is quick to learn, so I anticipate it taking off really well.

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