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Since I have not heard any suggestions about what order to go into more detail about the specific genres covered in True 20, I have decided on the following: Fantasy, Modern, Space, Horror. This seemed like a logical progression to me; for the most part this is moving through time from less advanced to more advanced. Horror is being covered last as elements of this can be applied to any other genre.

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While at Gen Con last week, I was privileged to attend a presentation on an RPG called "Directors Cut: Survival Horror" hosted by its creators Amy and David Claxton. The developers intend on releasing other genres, which is why the name has a sub-title; so, if horror isn’t your thing, keep an eye open for other offerings. Directors Cut has a novel concept, and is quick to learn, so I anticipate it taking off really well.

Non-DnD table-top

If you are like me, you love horror movies and role-playing. Wouldn’t it be great to incorporate some of your favorite monsters into Dungeons & Dragons? Well, fortunately, I have given this idea way too much thought so you don’t have to.

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