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Into the Green: a Review

Earlier this month, I reviewed "Into the Black" by Bastion Press. I also was fortunate enough to pick up "Into the Green" at an extremely discounted price while at Gen Con and am finally getting a chance to really go through it. Continue reading ‘Into the Green: a Review’ »

D&D Character Builder Changes

Today in my e-mail, I received an announcement from D&D Insider about the upcoming changes to their Character Builder software. While most of these changes seem like a great step in the right direction, I do have a few questions that were not answered in the brief message.

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Into the Black, a Review

I am still going through all of the materials that I picked up while at Gen Con. Recently I found a stack of books that I bought, skimmed through and set aside when I returned home. One of these books, " Into the Black: A Guide to Below" from Bastion Press, appears to be money well-spent.

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Independence Days in Fantasy Worlds

Many countries in our world celebrate an Independence Day – in fact, here in the United States, ours is only a few days away – and there is no reason why people in fantasy worlds should not celebrate them as well. Below I outline several ways that Heroic, Paragon, and Epic tier campaigns can benefit from the introduction of this holiday.

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Idea for a New Unique Race

I often like to throw in unique NPC’s who are the only member of their race / species. For instance, in a campaign that I was running about 12 or so years ago, I created a half-red dragon half-black dragon hatchling that was going to play a role in the entire campaign. You can download a PDF of the first adventure in the campaign (the only one I actually ran) on the resources page.

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