Month: March 2010

Since it is St. Patrick’s Day, I decided that it would be an appropriate time to come up with some more holiday inspired adventure ideas. And, since leprechauns are underutilited, most of these plots involve the little green fellowes.

4E D&D Dungeon Mastering Dungeons & Dragons table-top

I have been complaining since Dungeons & Dragons 3rd Edition came out that many of the features that I relied on in Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition had been removed. I have now not only come to accept that this information will never be added to D&D, but have actually come to see this lack as being beneficial to the game.

4E D&D Dungeon Mastering Dungeons & Dragons table-top

Recently, I read newbiedm’s post about building an adventure which has advice on what to do and not do with regards to writing your own scenarios. I won’t recap over all of these suggestions here, as you should really read the original post. However, this got me thinking, writing smooth, streamlined adventures is important, but many people neglect the second step.

4E D&D Dungeon Mastering table-top

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