GenCon Bingo Day 3 part 1

GenCon on Saturday sees some big events from tournament finals to the gigantic costume contest and parade. The exhibit hall is thrumming with gaming and commerce. Today I tried out “Little Dead Riding Hood” from Twilight Creations, a fairy tale themed tile placing board game. We’ve seen some very cool things, and we’ve taken a few pictures. The weather has been temperate and the sun has not been shining very brightly so it’s unlikely that I’ll spot overheated cosplayers or sunburned attendees (sorry if those were the only squares that you were missing).

Also we’re making a small addition to the rule set. If at the end of the scoring period two or more people have submitted the high score, the first person to have submitted that score will be our winner.

So…enough talking. Here is the first set of photos from Saturday (part 2 will be posted soon):

Utilikilts manufactures the modern update to the ancient Scottish garment that is so popular among GenCon attendees
GenCon features many anime events and anime fans take part in a little (or a lot) of cosplay. Bleach's sardonic mentor Urahara Kisuke is a popular shinigami costume.
GenCon features events around the clock, so some attendees catch 40 winks anywhere they can.
Families are welcome at GenCon with many events designed for children. Children also seem pleased to dress in costume like the adults do.
This picture is particularly blurry because it attempted to catch the "Yep Yep" Aliens as they passed by during the costume contest parade.
This booth sells ocarinas and has clearly found itself an appreciative audience based on the little instrument's big popularity this year.
GenCon encourages many forms of gaming including strategy games that feature miniatures
The exhibit hall highlights the work of artists and authors who work with SciFi, Fantasy, and Horror themes. This elf is the work of artist Alice Berryman
A bellydancer undulates to the tune of Water Street Bridge, a group that has graced the halls for many a con.

Just one day remains at GenCon, and it has been a very full couple of days. Stick with us as we bring a little bit more of the convention to you.


  1. Stupidranger said:

    Lots of fun so far, though no points. Can’t wait to see the final pictures!

    August 7, 2011
    • kball said:

      well, hopefully we can get somebody some points in the next two batches. be back soon

      August 7, 2011
  2. Baram Avraham said:

    Ha ha… 🙂 That ‘alien’ looks surprisingly like Sesame Street’s ‘Cookie Monster’ as seen in a funhouse mirror.

    August 9, 2011

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