More GenCon and site updates

You may have noticed that, until recently, I haven’t been posting here. I have been super busy with commuting back-and-forth every weekend after my wife moved for work (I’m now moved as well) and have not been in a gaming group for the last several years so I haven’t had much to post. A friend of mine from one of my past gaming groups is going to be GMing a Dresden campaign over the interwebs soon, so I plan on posting updates about that.

Also, you may have noticed that the site layout has changed. I was never satisfied with the old layout but didn’t really know what I wanted; so I recently started looking through a list of free templates, chose one, and hacked apart some of the CSS, PHP, and HTML to make it function more like I wanted. This still needs some work, but IMHO, is much better.

Finally, I have posted some more pictures from GenCon at my music blog. They are posted there instead of here as they are of bands and “musical” instruments. I still have a lot more photos to sift through and intend on posting more here over the next few days.

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