GenCon 2012 in Review

So, it has been a week since GenCon ended for the year and I have been thinking over how this year was different over previous years. What I’ve discovered is, this year wasn’t defined by what was present but by what was absent.

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Games by Gamers Lotus Dice Bag Review

Lotus dice bag has been drinking all of my cider.

About a half year ago, I purchased a Lotus dice bag from Games by Gamers since my old dice bag no longer closed well and did not hold all of my dice. I have refrained from writing a review until now since I have had many dice bags that looked sturdy but wore out after a short period of time, and I wanted to ensure that the quality of this bag lived up to its reputation.

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We have moved!

Role-Playing Discussions is now – finally – on a new host! This has been a rough transition as getting the domain transferred has been a real pain. However, Host Gator‘s technical support has been awesome through this entire process.

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New Feature: Plot Hook Ideas

As you may have noticed, I have not posted much lately. My weekly gaming group has been down too many people to role-play very often, so we have mostly stuck to board games. On the weeks that we did role-play, we mainly played one-offs to test upcoming products for a number of companies and I am not allowed to post details. Since this makes for a boring site, I have decided to start a new column!

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Your Character Could Be In a Comic!

The new Forgotten Realms Dungeons & Dragons comic written by Ed Greenwood is coming in April. Even better, your character could be in one of the issues!

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