GenCon 2012 in Review

So, it has been a week since GenCon ended for the year and I have been thinking over how this year was different over previous years. What I’ve discovered is, this year wasn’t defined by what was present but by what was absent.

First off, the swag bags were missing. I understand that many people just discarded theirs, but at least give attendees the option of getting the bag. At least the commemorative die was still available if you picked it up at the booth.

Second, Cloud Kingdom Games did not appear to be in attendance this year. This was disappointing as I look forward to earning the Riddle Master badge each year.

I also did not see Crsipy Zombie Productions, creator of Director’s Cut: Survival Horror this year. They may have been hosting events, but they did not seem to have a presence on the sales floor. I was unable to attend any events due to only being able to come on Saturday this year due to prior commitments.

None of the major anime distributors (such as Funimation) had a sales floor presence this year either. This was only a minor let down for me, but my wife – Overthinker from Overthinking Anime had planned on handing out business cards.

Also, due to the limited time frame I was able to attend, the bingo contest that we started last year was not able to continue this year. Look for it (or another contest) again next year as I plan on attending all four days again.

Was anything else lacking this year? Were you there and I just missed you somehow? If so, please comment and let me know.

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