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I had intended to respond to Vanir’s review on Critical Hits of the session of Director’s Cut: Survival Horror that I ran via comment, but it looked like this was going to be rather long and decided to make a post instead. While I agree with most of what he said, I wanted to clarify a few things as well as give a view from the other side of the GM screen.

Non-DnD table-top

Since my Dungeons & Dragons group is meeting a week early, I suppose I should post the exploits from the last session now or I’ll be behind. If you missed the first session (hosted by the always entertaining Vanir of Critical Hits, be sure to check it first so that this chapter makes sense.

4E D&D Dungeons & Dragons table-top

As of Thursday night, I have joined a newly formed Dungeons & Dragons group. This group includes a couple of members from groups that I was previously in, including Vanir from Critical-Hits.com as the Dungeon Master, so it was pretty easy to get into the game. This is a good thing as I’ve only played 4th Edition three times, the last time was at Gen Con last year, and I haven’t played any role-playing game on a regular basis for about 2 years. That’s not to say that I haven’t been role-playing, just not on a regular basis.

4E D&D Dungeons & Dragons table-top